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Only You
(Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin)


Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, Angelika dela Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Shaina Magdayao, Carmi Martin, Jacklyn Jose, Hilda Koronel, Tirso Cruz III and John Lloyd Cruz

Strongest among male teens and female teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, Cambodia, China, Zambia, Vietnam, Fiji Islands


Nea and Jasmine are two long-lost sisters separated when Nea’s father, Larry abandoned her and her mother Elena to live with the wealthy Yolanda. Many years after their traumatic separation, Nea and Jasmine crossed paths again. Raised and educated in different circumstances, Jasmine grew up to be shy while Nea became the independent young woman.

As they start their lives together, as they fulfill their individual dreams, as they look for the one true love that they deserve, they find the Ynares brothers, Oliver and Ivan. Oliver, who is carefree and unruly, and Ivan who is career-driven and intelligent but with a dark secret that is meant to destroy the life he has carefully built and a family that he has long protected.
But in the most unexpected ways and in the most interesting time, their imperfect lives will take a sudden twist that will either destroy or build their lives forever.

Character Guide

Nea Fontanilla (Claudine Barretto) – Though impoverished all her life, Nea never lost track of her goals to provide her mother with a life of comfort and to reunite with her estranged sister, Jasmine. As Oliver’s best friend, Nea never expected that a dark encounter with his brother, Ivan, would change her life forever and hurl her into more agonizing battles than she had ever known.

Daisy / Jasmine Fontanilla (Bea Alonzo) – Her battered childhood never deterred her from developing a good character. Despite her stepmother’s vicious treatment, Jasmine loves her surrogate family and initially rejects the idea of returning to her real family. Jasmine finds romance in Oliver, but even this ignites other quandaries on her part.

Oliver Ynares (Diether Ocampo) – Considered as an eccentric by many, Oliver is essentially a good person who is passionate about creating a cloud of happiness over him through quirks and antics. However, deep inside, Oliver is a sensitive man whose heart beats intensely for Jasmine.

Ivan Ynares (John Lloyd Cruz) – He is remarkable for juggling his responsibilities as his father’s business apprentice, Oliver’s older brother, and Karri’s fiancé. Nevertheless, his pressuring duties make him susceptible to certain weaknesses… and this includes a forbidden attraction towards Nea.

Karri Medrano (Angelika dela Cruz) – She is the epitome of all female qualities desired by any man— beautiful, intelligent, wealthy, and headstrong. She loves Ivan with an intensity that causes her downfall for she is willing to sacrifice everything, even her morals, for him.

Roden Ynares (Tirso Cruz III) – Ivan and Oliver’s father who perpetually favors his eldest, causing Oliver’s hidden angst. Like his sons, he is devoted to the woman he loves… unfortunately, this woman is not his own wife.

Yolanda Fontanilla (Carmi Martin) – Though ambitious, Yolanda foregoes everything for the love of Larry, Elena’s husband and father to Nea and Jasmine. She raises Jasmine but treats her with utter cruelty. Yolanda possesses a personality that matches her stormy love affairs.

Elena Cruz (Jacklyn Jose) – She is admirable for single-handedly raising Nea to become a virtuous woman and a gifted, hard-working cook. Though abandoned by Larry and lambasted by Yolanda, Elena proves to be a loving mother to Nea and even to Jasmine whom she was forced to love from a distance.

Hazel Fontanilla (Shaina Magdayao) – Larry and Yolanda’s daughter. Even if she is only Jasmine’s half-sister, she manifests unrelenting devotion to her. Young as she is, Hazel is exposed to the harshness of an unstable family and the threat of losing the boy she loves.

Susana Ledesma (Hilda Koronel) – Roden’s wife who shows due compassion to Oliver. Though basically kind, Susana turns to drinking to elude her marital problems and other woes.

Zsazsa (Marla Boyd) – Since their school days, she has been driven by a passion to torment Jasmine. She grabs her most coveted opportunity during a period when Oliver and Jasmine drifted apart.

Third (Geoff Eigenman) – Jasmine’s high school sweetheart whose thoughtfulness breathes a fresh air into Jasmine’s difficult life. But in spite of his sincere affections for Jasmine, he faces losing his chances to Jasmine because of her incessant feelings for Oliver.

Vonnie (Katleen Hermosa) – Nea’s close friend and confidant. Vonnie proves herself a true friend as she constantly stands by Nea’s side through all the latter’s ordeals.

Nathaniel (Rayver Cruz) – he opens Hazel’s eyes to the sweet experience of first love. However, he is afflicted with a terminal illness that may leave Hazel forlorn forever.


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