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    The Two of Us: Trailer
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    The Two of Us: Pilot Episode
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    The Two of Us: Middle Episode
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    The Two of Us: End Episode

The Two of Us
(Tayong Dalawa)


Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Jake Cuenca, Alessandra de Rossi, Coco Martin, Jiro Manio, Mylene Dizon, Cherry Pie Pichache, Agot Isidro, Miguel Faustmann, Helen Gamboa, Anita Linda, Baron Geisler, Spanky Manikan and Gina Pareno

Strongest among male and female adutls (40+)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Brunei, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar


Dave and JR come from two different worlds. Dave is a rich kid who has everything but longs for his father’s affection. JR comes from a poor family, doing whatever he can to help his mother and stepbrother survive. The two seem to have nothing in common but their name. Dave is David M. Garcia, Jr and JR is David D. Garcia, Jr.

Their paths first cross when one David Garcia is mistaken for the other. The mix-up is easily resolved and the two become friends. Their friendship deepens as they both enter the Military Academy.

But when secrets from the past reveal that the two are actually half-brothers, can their friendship survive? And will this rivalry tear both their lives and their families apart and break the heart of the woman they both love?

Two men…
Sharing one name…
Sharing one fate…
Loving one woman…

Who will fail? Who will prevail?

Character Guide

Jake Cuenca as Dave a.k.a. David Garcia Jr. — born to a life of privilege, Dave is used to having it all, except for the love and approval of his family. He is a typical spoiled brat who has no real purpose in life until he falls in love with Audrey. What will he do once he learns that her heart also belongs to someone else?

Gerald Anderson as JR a.k.a. David Garcia Jr. — with his intellect and sheer determination to succeed, JR knows that he will one day achieve his dream of rescuing his family from a life of poverty. When love finally comes his way, however, will he choose to give it up for the sake of brotherhood and friendship?

Kim Chiu as Audrey — she has never experienced love or even the slightest bit of affection from her father and grandmother who have always been cruel to her.  She will finally find love in not one, but two men both named David Garcia. Who between Dave and JR will truly win her heart?

Agot Isidro as Ingrid — she is the mother of Dave and the wife of David Garcia Sr. Because of her lonely childhood, she will try her best to create a perfect family of her own. Will she be able to deal with a long-buried secret that threatens to destroy her only chance of happiness?

Miguel Faustmann as David Garcia Sr. — he is an American soldier who is father to both David Garcias. Will a fleeting relationship with a woman from his past come back to haunt him just when he has achieved a high social status and an ideal family life?

Helen Gamboa as Elizabeth— she is ready to do whatever it takes just to protect Ingrid from further pain and disappointments in life. But she also knows that there will come a time when she can’t shelter her daughter anymore. How long will she be able to prevent the truth from coming out?

Cherry Pie Picache as Marlene — she was a prostitute when she first met David Garcia Sr. and fell head over heels in love with him. But their relationship was not meant to last. Will she be able to raise their child alone?

Gina Pareño as Rita — motherhood didn’t stop her from being a prostitute and worse yet, she forces her own daughter into the business when she gets too old.  Will she be able to make up for her sins?

Alessandra de Rossi as Greta — as JR’s childhood friend, they have a lot of things in common. She believes that it is only a matter of time before he accepts the fact that they are meant for each other. What if she finds out that JR has already found his one true love?

Coco Martin as Ramon — he is JR’s half-brother who often gets himself into all kinds of minor scrapes, until one huge mistake leaves him with no choice but to join a crime syndicate. Will envy and greed eventually turn him against his own family?

Mylene Dizon as Loretta — even though she is a woman who has devoted all her time and effort to her family, her husband Stanley is still cruel to her. Will she ever learn how to fight for her rights?

Jiro Manio as Stan — as the heir to their family business, he is the only one who gets showered with affection by his dad, Stanley. Unfortunately, Stan doesn’t turn out the way his father wants him to be. Has he strayed from the right path or will he become worse off than his father?

Spanky Manikan as Stanley — work always comes first for this ruthless Chinese businessman. For Stanley, his wife Loretta is only useful to bear him a son who will inherit the business someday. He also blames his daughter Audrey for all the misfortunes later experiences in life. Can he accept his daughter who desperately longs for his love?

Anita Linda as Lily — possessing a mean streak that is worse than her son Stanley’s, Lily will make Audrey’s life a living hell. No one can contradict her wishes no matter how irrational they may be. She always gets the final say in the King household. Is there any goodness in her heart at all?

Baron Geisler as Leo — ee is the head of the criminal organization that Ramon works for. With his power and political connections, Leo is practically invincible. But there is one person who has the capacity to bring him down.


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