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    The Better Half Trailer

The Better Half


Carlo Aquino, JC De Vera, Shaina Magdayao, Denise Laurel

Strongest among male and female teens


Marco and Camille are a happily married couple with a bright future and a passionate love that most people can only dream about. But a terrible tragedy befalls their lives when Marco is lost at sea following a plane crash.

Despite people telling her to move on, Camille holds on to the hope her husband is still alive. But she later gives in to despair and almost commits suicide - until she is saved by a man named Rafael. As the two get to know each other, Rafael helps heal Camille’s pain. Soon, they fall in love and get married.

Unknown to everyone else, Marco was actually found alive by none other than his childhood friend Bianca, who had not given up the search for him.

Driven by her long and deep obsession for him, Bianca takes advantage of his apparent selective amnesia. They live together as lovers on a remote island as Bianca shields everything from Marco’s past.

Eventually, Bianca’s lies and deceit slowly start unraveling. When Marco starts seeing visions of a woman, Camille, in his dreams, Bianca does everything she can to bury his true past.

But fate is a fickle thing and everyone’s worlds collide when Camille discovers the shocking revelation that Marco is alive, amnesiac, and about to marry Bianca.

Character Guide

Camille Villalobos (Shaina Magdayao) - A kind and lively teacher whose world is shattered by her husband's death.

Rafael Cabrera (JC de Vera) - A sporty and successful businessman who falls in love with Camille.

Marco Saison (Carlo Aquino) - Camille's loving husband who develops selective amnesia after disappearing in an accident.

Bianca Buenaflor (Denise Laurel) - A possessive woman who is obsessed with Marco and will do anything to have and keep him.


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