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Gretchen Barretto, Derek Ramsey, Angel Aquino, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Robert Arevalo, Arlene Muhlach, Jihn Arcilla and Bea Alonzo

Strongest among male and female adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Nigeria, Kenya, Romania, Kazakhstan, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cote d'lvoire, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Togo, La Reunion, Tahiti, La Martinique


Two sisters idolize supermodel Vera Cruz until they discover her to be their father’s mistress. When their mother gets killed in an accident, the girls end up on the streets and eventually get separated only to take on new identities. Anna becomes Victoria raised in richness but toughened with her life’s experiences and determined to be the country’s queen of fashion. Meanwhile, Angela is called Gelai by her simple adoptive parents. She is just as determined to break into the fashion scene to honor her later mother and sister’s dream. Whereas Victoria is single-minded in her goal of destroying Vera, Gelai finds herself working for Vera where she is pushed into taking Victoria on and makes them the strictest of rivals.

Furthermore, the two sisters fall for the mysterious mixed martial arts fighter Louie.

Aiming for the same success. Fighting for the same man. Sister vs. Sister.

Would they discover the true nature of their relationship and fulfill their secret wish of a reunited family?

Character Guide

Angela Abella/Gelai Agustin (Bea Alonzo) – Raised in the impoverished textile district, Gelai works as a seamstress. She has twin aspirations in life – to become a fashion designer and to find her older sister. Soon, her fresh and stylish creations take her to the prestigious Vera Couture. But what if this same job will bring her closer to her sister albeit as her adversary?

Victoria Valera (Gretchen Barretto) – A glamorous supermodel, Victoria holds the world in her hand. But the memory of her mother’s death, her father’s desertion, and the accidental separation from her beloved sister will sustain her deep hatred and thirst for retribution against the people who ruined her life.

Dos/Louie Villarama (Derek Ramsay) – One would think that a Mixed Martial Arts fighter like Louie would be tough and dangerous. And he is. But not when it comes to love. Before long, he would have to choose between two women - the mysterious and complicated Victoria and the simple yet loving Gelai.

Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino) - is Manuel Abella’s mistress and was once known as the Queen of Philippine Fashion. But her glory days are over just as Victoria is stepping up her game so as to usurp her position in revenge. Vera enlists Gelai’s help in saving her career at the same time pitting sister against sister in revenge.

Chloe Abella (Erich Gonzales) - She is Manuel and Vera's adopted daughter.  While Manuel dotes on her, Vera ignores her. That’s why Chloe aspires to be a designer in hopes of obtaining her mother’s love. But what she will win is the love of an equally devoted young man.

Caloy Javier (Enchong Dee) – He is Gelai’s caring childhood friend who has always been secretly in love with her. But unexpected turn of events will lead him to meet his perfect match.

Manuel Abella (Mark Gil) – He is Gelai and Victoria’s biological father. He may have left his legitimate family to be with Vera but he hangs on to the hope of being reunited with his daughters one day.

Ronaldo Valera (Robert Arevalo) – As one of the country’s leading fashion designers; he owns “House of Ronaldo” and adopts Anna as a young child. He then not only changes her name to Victoria but raises her in affluence.

Hermes Agustin (John Arcilla) - Hermes adopts Angela and rechristens her Gelai. He treats her as his own child and is very supportive of her various endeavours.

Sonia Agustin (Arlene Muhlach) - Sonia is Hermes' wife and Gelai's adoptive mother. She resents Gelai at first, as she lost her own biological child. But she grows to love Gelai and teaches her all she knows of dressmaking.

Carolina (Irma Adlawan) - She used to be Vera's steadfast customer only to switch loyalties to Victoria later. She is a notorious flirt who had a past relationship with Louie.

Jean Paul (Toffee Calma) - As Senior Fashion Designer at Vera's Couture, Jean Paul is Vera's trusted lackey. Thus, he conspires to make Gelai's stay at the fashion house intolerable.


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