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Sam Milby, Melissa Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Precious Lara Quigaman and Maja Salvador

Strongest among female teens (13-19) and male adults (40+)

Territories sold:

Brunei, Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia


Devin has always yearned to be Mariz. And who wouldn’t? Mariz is a beautiful professional model married to the rich and handsome Anthony. But what if Devin’s wish somehow comes true? A tragic accident makes it possible for Devin to take on Mariz’ identity.

Sadly, Devin finds Mariz’ seeming perfect life to be an illusion. Anthony is on the verge of divorcing his wife while their son has become distant as well.  It is ironic that just as Devin manages to patch things up, Mariz comes back to reclaim what is rightfully hers. 

Will Devin summon enough courage to tell Anthony the truth? And, if so, who will Anthony choose? The woman he has once cherished or the impostor he has grown to treasure?

Character Guide

Anthony Florencio (Sam Milby) - Good looking and wealthy, Anthony is the successful president of one of the biggest land developers in the country. Constantly trying to prove himself worthy of his considerable inheritance, he is a workaholic and serious in manner except when it comes to his son, Joshua.

Mariz Florencio (Maja Salvador) - Mariz is the fashion model with an enviable life – a pretty face, an impeccable figure, celebrity stature, plus a handsome and rich husband.

Monique Benitez (Precious Lara Quigaman) - Monique is as comely as her younger sister Mariz but she is definitely smarter and more determined. She is a perfectionist that abhors unattractiveness and is the main antagonist of the series.

Devina ''Devin'' Ventura (Melisa Cantiveros/Maja Salvador) - Devin may not be considered lovely by ordinary standards but her beauty is in her generous heart and free spirit. A kind daughter and loyal friend, she hero worships Mariz and hankers after her idol’s seemingly perfect life.

Popoy Calantiao (Jason Francisco) - Devin’s childhood friend who is secretly in love with her. A natural comedian, Popoy is nevertheless trustworthy, down-to-earth, and principled.


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