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    Mara Clara Trailer
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    Mara Clara - Pilot Episode
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    Mara Clara - Middle Episode
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    Mara Clara - Final Episode

Mara Clara


Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes, Dimples Romana, Bobby Andrews, Mylene Dizon, Jhong Hilario, Ping Medina, John Manalo, Albie Casino and Gina Pareno

Strongest among female and male teens (13-19)

Territories sold:

Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia


2011 BANFF World Media Festivals Awards
Nominee, Soap Operas & Telenovelas


It all starts when Alvira ends her relationship with Gary after she gets accepted in a university scholarship program abroad. Gary turns to Susan for comfort, thinking that his first love would never come home again. But when Alvira does, it is evident that Gary is still in love with her. The problem is that she is already engaged to Amanthe. Both couples moved on with their lives but Gary takes his revenge by attempting to kidnap Alvira’s newborn baby.

In an unexpected turn of events, Alvira and Susan give birth at the same time, and the infants were switched at the hospital. The details of this event were recorded by Karlo – Gary’s brother who works at the hospital, and the man who was responsible for the switch – in his diary.

Mara lived as the daughter of the poor couple, Susan and Gary David, while Clara was brought up by the rich couple, Amanthe and Alvira del Valle. The good- natured Del Valles take in Mara as a household helper and agrees to send her to school, not knowing that she is their real daughter. Gary uses this as an opportunity to extort money. Their living situation proves to be no picnic when Clara makes a habit out of making Mara's life unbearable.
Will justice be served once Mara and Clara are old enough to discover their real identities?

Character Guide

Mara David (Kathryn Bernardo) - is a loving and hardworking daughter with a drive to better herself for the sake of her mother. Her greatest weakness is her family. She is intelligent, strong and of good moral character. She tries not to call attention to herself but when needed, finds the courage to stand up for what is right. Loves greatly - sometimes to a fault. Because of her great capacity to love she always forgives her father's abuse.

Clara del Valle (Julia Montes) - is rich, spoiled and bratty. She is used to getting whatever she wants. She can be very caring and affectionate but she knows how to use her charms to get her way, even with her mother. She is intelligent, an achiever and a good leader who can command attention wherever she goes. She can be a very good friend but a formidable enemy.

Susan David (Mylene Dizon) - is the mother of Mara - she loves her daughter but she is not strong enough to stand up for her. She tries to be a good mother but is often overpowered by an abusive husband and domineering mother-in-law. Susa is hardworking but sometimes feels defeated by life.

Gary David (Jhong Hilario) - is the father of Mara and wife of Susan. His father left them when he was a child and he was brought up by a single mother, Lupe, who was often drunk and love to gamble. As a child he wasalready part of a gang and was already involved in stealing. Gary is lazy and unkind - he will make life difficult for Mara.

Alvira del Valle (Dimples Romana) - is the mother of Clara. She is the epitome of the guilty working mother - always busy with her career and can be over  compensating. She is intelligent, strong-willed and a good businesswoman. She runs a contractor firm for land development which was established by her parents.

Amanthe del Valle (Bobby Andrews) - is the father of Clara. He is righteous, upright and will not tolerate Clara's bad attitude. He tries to be a good father  by standing up for what is right. He is a successful businessman - always at work - and when at home, takes the role of a disciplinarian which is the reason why Clara is not close to him.

Lupe David (Gina Pareno) - is the mother of Gary. She is greedy, dishonest, always drunk and loves to gamble. Lupe is also lazy and depends on Mara and Susan for all her needs. She deeply loves her son Gary and blames Susan for all his life misfortunes. She is blind to the evil capacity of Gary.

Karlo David (Ping Medina) - is the brother of Gary. He is responsible for the switching of the babies Mara and Clara in the hospital. He kept a diary in  which he recorded the truth and all the details of the event.

Eris (John Manalo) - is the son of Christian's family driver. He grew up with Christian and became his bestfriend. Whenever Christian will get himself into a  mess, he will not think twice in defending him. When Christian is at fault, he will make it a point to tell him and make a stand. Eris will be attracted to Clara.

Christian (Albie Casino) - is the most popular guy in the school. He is rich, handsome and is the captain of the basketball team. He comes from a broken family and is resentful of his father who left them for a younger woman. When his father left, so did the money. Because of this, his mother goes into depression and he is left to take care of his depressed mother.


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