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    Fish Port Princess Trailer
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    Fish Port Princess Pilot Episode
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Fish Port Princess
(Prinsesa ng Banyera)


Kristine Hermosa, TJ Trinidad, Ara Mina, Rafael Rosell, Angelika dela Cruz, Sharmaine Buencamino, Allan Paule, Neil Ryan Sese, Dino Imperial and Jacklyn Jose

Strongest among female teens (13-19) and male kids (2-12)

Territories sold:

Malaysia, Brunei, Fiji Islands, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria


In a poor community near the pier, life is difficult and often times harsh. But three sisters dare to keep at it as best as they can. Maningning is pretty and sweet but growing up poor gives her the strength of character to help her loved ones. Mayumi on the other hand, is the selfish and inconsiderate twin sister of Maningning who turns her back on her family to enjoy a rich and privileged lifestyle. Cassandra is the twins’ half-sister who shows up under mysterious circumstances. Her physical beauty covers and equally spiteful wish to make her father’s family pay for the pain and suffering her mother endured. Will the sisters realize that it is only with compassion and unqualified love that they can finally heal the wounds of their past?

Character Guide

Maningning (Kristine Hermosa) – she is the epitome of the loving, caring daughter. Since she was young, she has always been the darling of the filthy, gritty pier area where she was endearingly called the “Fish Port Princess”. Now she is the rose among the thorns. A tough chick in a world of tough men, who she counts among her dearest and most precious friends. She is beautiful and sweet but with the inner strength of steel. She is genuinely sincere, kindhearted yet practical and very honest.

Mayumi/Daphne (Angelika dela Cruz) – she is the selfish and inconsiderate twin sister of Maningning who ever since she was a child, has dreamt of a rich and lavish lifestyle for herself even if it meant turning her back on and hurting the very people who loved her, including her own mother and siblings. She now lives the good life in the city, where her every wish is gratified, and is very elegant looking. Yet there is one thing that she seems to be forever denied—the love of Charles, whom she loves very dearly.

Cassandra/Elena (Ara Mina) – is another long-lost daughter of Sigmund by Veronica, a woman he apparently knew even before Virgie. When Cassandra suddenly shows up in Sigmund’s house, he welcomes her into his household with open arms. But she and Eleonor quickly conspire to make Maningning’s life miserable, and it turns out that what Cassandra really wants, underneath her beautiful façade, is to make Sigmund pay dearly for all the hurt and pain he caused to her and her family.

Eric (TJ Trinidad) – grew up in Myrna’s household not knowing who his real parents were, but has always been content and happy with his lot in life. He is good-looking in a scruffy sort of way and works as a jeepney driver while studying to become a lawyer. Good-looking despite his being poor, Eric has always been one of Maningning’ inner circle of childhood friends in the neighborhood and is the one person who truly adores her. But when Maningning starts to be pursued by a richer, more handsome man who can give her a better life than he can, Eric’s insecurities lead him to do things that are completely out of character for him.

Charles (Rafael Rosell IV) – he is the son of Rosa and her French diplomat-husband, Pierre. Rich, handsome, and somewhat spoiled, he has always been the object of Mayumi/Daphne’s affection even though he himself has been reserving his own for Maningning who does not share them. Still, events will bring Charles and Daphne/Mayumi together and eventually Charles will come to realize the depth of his own feelings for her though by then it will be too late.

Virgie (Jacklyn Jose) – has a weak personality. She doesn’t know how to assert herself and is always the doormat in all of her relationships. She is submissive and naïve, and will be further dragged down every time whatever self-esteem and optimism she may have left is further eroded by a succession of tragedies. At present, Virgie collects bets for an illegal numbers game for Harry. She is definitely an alcoholic and looks like she is sick. But she never fails to treat her daughter Maningning and her other children with her own special brand of “tough love.”

Rosa (Sharmaine Buencamino) – is Virgie’s long-time friend who used to work in a bar as a hostess. Now that she’s a high society girl, married to a French diplomat, Pierre, her one fear is that the deepest, darkest secret from her past will be exposed and she goes to great lengths to protect it.

Sigmund (Allan Paule) – in his prime, Sigmund was the spoiled, rich man-about- town who fell madly in love with Virgie. Though he has been an obedient son to his mother to a fault, whenever she was away he always rebelled behind her back. At present, he is now a middle aged man, still good-looking, married to Eleonor, the Queen of the Mean who tries to prevent him from doing his best to make up for his shortcomings to the people he cares about. One of his major frustrations is that nothing he says or does now can change the mind of Virgie and softens her heart toward him.

Harry (Neil Ryan Sese) – friend of Sigmund and partner in crime who now wants only one thing—To get back at the one person who has ruined his life. Tough-looking, with an air of mystery about him, Harry casts a shadowy presence everywhere he goes and is an expert in behind-the-scenes wheelings and dealings.

Habagat (Dino Imperial) – the handsome teenage half-brother of Maningning and Mayumi/Daphne. He is a good son who tries his best to be a good student but later on will get caught up in the ways of organized crime. For now, Habagat is a typical teenager obsessed with having the finer things in life. When he falls in love with sweet Sandy, and has to support her and their child, he will have to choose between his old lifestyle of good and a new lifestyle of evil.


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